Giving patients with R/R FL a chance to benefit with Breyanzi®1

An appropriate adult Breyanzi patient with R/R FL icon

Broad eligibility for Breyanzi in FL1,2:

  • Adult patients with R/R FL Grade 1, 2, or 3A; with or without high-risk disease who have received 2 or more prior lines of systemic therapy (including an anti-CD20 antibody and an alkylating agent)
  • ECOG PS 0-1
  • LVEF ≥40%
  • CrCl >30 mL/min
  • ALT ≤5 x ULN
  • Wide range of prior therapies (range: 2-10)
  • Received combination of anti-CD20 antibody and alkylator*
  • No upper age limit (studied across a broad age range: ages 23-80)
  • With or without high-risk markers (eg, POD24, GELF ≥1, double refractory)

Identify eligible patients early and collaborate with a certified
Breyanzi treatment center for evaluation

*65% of patients are double refractory to any line of therapy of an anti-CD20 antibody and alkylator.2

ALT, alanine transaminase; CAR, chimeric antigen receptor; CrCl, creatinine clearance; ECOG PS, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status; FL, follicular lymphoma; GELF, Groupe d’Etude des Lymphomes Folliculaires criteria; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; POD24, disease progression within 24 months of diagnosis; R/R, relapsed or refractory; ULN, upper limit of normal.

Do you have patients like these in your practice? Breyanzi may be the right fit.
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Hypothetical patient Marie Hypothetical patient Marie


  • 60 years old, FL Grade 3A

Social details

  • Still working, active in her pickleball league, prefers to have a one-time infusion

Risk factors

  • Progressed within 24 months of 1L treatment (POD24), FLIPI score of 4 (high-risk)2

Prior therapies

  • 1L: R-CHOP, CR lasting 20 months
  • 2L: R2, CR lasting 18 months


  • ECOG PS: 0


  • Arthritis

*Hypothetical patient.

1L, first-line; 2L, second-line; CR, complete response; FLIPI, follicular lymphoma international prognostic index; R2, lenalidomide and rituximab; R-CHOP, rituximab-cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin hydrochloride (hydroxydaunomycin), vincristine sulfate (oncovin), prednisone.

Hypothetical patient Stephen Hypothetical patient Stephen


  • 80 years old, FL Grade 2

Social details

  • Active volunteer at local food bank; highly motivated

Risk factors

  • FLIPI score 2 (intermediate risk)2

Prior therapies

First-line therapy

  • BR, CR lasting 5 years

Second-line therapy

  • Rituximab + lenalidomide, PR lasting 4 years


  • ECOG PS: 1
  • CrCl: 35 mL/min
  • LVEF: 40%


  • HTN
  • T2DM

*Hypothetical patient.

BR, bendamustine and rituximab; CR, complete response; FLIPI, follicular lymphoma international prognostic index; HTN, hypertension; PR, partial response; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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